News – Indheater - new member of Swedtrain

Indheater – new member of Swedtrain

Published on nov. 29, 2023
Swedtrain and indheater

Indheater – new member of Swedtrain

The fastest and most cost-effective points heater on the market

As winter approaches, the railway industry faces a perennial challenge — ensuring seamless operations despite the weather-related hurdles that often lead to cancellations and delays. At Indheater, we’ve taken on this challenge head-on, leveraging patented induction technology to create the most efficient and safe system on the market.

Unveiling Indheater’s Solution

Winter disruptions, particularly those caused by snow and ice affecting switch operation, are a significant concern for the railway sector. Indheater tackles this issue by introducing a groundbreaking system that utilizes induction and advanced control technology. This approach not only ensures efficient switch operation but also enhances safety standards, setting a new benchmark in winter rail operations.

Energy-Efficiency at the Core

David, a representative from Indheater, highlights a crucial aspect of our solution — energy efficiency. Unlike traditional wire heating systems, our induction technology consumes a staggering 70% less energy. This not only translates to cost savings but also aligns with the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. As winter challenges persist, Indheater offers a solution that not only works but does so with a minimal environmental footprint.

Swedtrain Membership: A Strategic Move

Our commitment to revolutionizing rail operations garnered significant attention at the recent Train & Rail Fair. It was here that we decided to apply for membership in Swedtrain, recognizing the platform’s potential to amplify our impact. The fair saw a diverse audience, from infrastructure owners to maintenance companies and even political representatives, expressing keen interest in our innovative product.

Bridging the Industry-Political Gap

What sets Swedtrain apart is its extensive network within both the railway industry and political spheres. Joining Swedtrain allows us to leverage these connections to spread knowledge about the advantages of our induction heating system. David emphasizes that Swedtrain’s unique position can contribute significantly to advancing technology adoption and fostering collaboration between industry players and policymakers.

Towards a Winter-Resilient Future

In conclusion, Indheater’s induction heating system isn’t just a solution to winter disruptions; it’s a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for the railway industry. With Swedtrain as our ally, we’re poised to make a meaningful impact, bridging the gap between industry needs and political advocacy. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to redefine winter rail operations and contribute to a more resilient and eco-conscious railway landscape.