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Swedtrain and indheater
nov. 29, 2023 – Indheater - new member of Swedtrain

Indheater – new member of Swedtrain

Indheater – new member of Swedtrain The fastest and most cost-effective points heater on the market As winter approaches, the railway industry faces a perennial challenge — ensuring seamless operations despite the weather-related hurdles that often lead to cancellations and delays. At Indheater, we’ve taken on this challenge head-on, leveraging patented induction technology to create …

Brista - Indheater system
apr. 14, 2022

Seasonal test at Brista terminal

Induction heating is the most energy effective method to keep the switches free from snow and ice. The traditional switch heating systems is the highest power consumer within the railway low-voltage field. The reason that the inductive switch heating is much more effective, is that the inductive technology is a rapid heating and high temperature …

Nordic rail 2019
aug. 8, 2019

Indheater attends Nordic Rail 2019

Come visit us at the Elmia venue Nordic Rail 2019 October 8-10.  

jan. 5, 2018 – Press release

Indheater joins Stegia Group

Environmental friendly switch heating solution.   We are proud to present Indheater as part of the Stegia Group. Stegia AB and Indheater have been working together for many years and we are proud that Indheater is officially part of the Stegia Group today. With our technical expertise and world-wide contacts, we will take Indheater to …