Innovative railway switch heating.

Cutting-edge patented induction technology for fast, reliable and cost-effective operation under any conditions.

How it works
Why Indheater?

The fastest and most cost-effective points heater on the market!

Based on induction technology which provides fast and cost effective operation.

One of the biggest sources of disruption for a rail system in winter is weather related disturbances in points operation.

Snow or ice in the points often causes loss of switch function; this results in disrupted train services, unsatisfied customers and substantial costs for stakeholders.

There are several different methods of keeping points clear of snow and ice, ranging from manual sweeping and ice scraping to different systems for melting snow and ice. These are not reliable nor efficient. 

Indheater, with its induction technology, is the most efficient and functionally the safest system on the market.

Our solution is significantly more energy efficient than conventional systems that are based on resistive heating elements.

Keeps the train on time!

The Indheater inductive heating pad.

Rapid heating. Heat is immediately generated to the designated surface with minimum delay.

Individually controlled heat elements secure that the energy is used at the right spot of the switch.

10minto reach max temp.
270%more cost effective
7minto vaporize 1kg solid ice
136.8kWhdaily energy reduction


The Swedish Rail Authority decided after a number of rough winters to investigate the possibility to find a better solution to secure switch operation in winter conditions.

Indheater AB was formed in beginning of 2009 with the scope of using induction as heat source for switches.

2011, Field test and evaluation.

2012, Production site set up.

2012, First shipment of final product to SE.

2013, Registred preffered system for Stockholm local train. (SL)

2014, Approved system for Swedish rail.

2014, +100 system delivered.

2018, Indheater joined Stegia Group.

2021, Indheater release new control cabinet to improve energy efficiency.


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